May 17, 2011

Cardi Number 2

So this is my second cardigan of the year (well third over layer if you count the cape).

This was an easy knit once I figure out the right size to knit.  With the exception of making long sleeves, I followed the pattern.  It's soft and warm and even in very pea green - it was easy to wear and there are loads of things in my closet that go with it.

I do think - looking at the photos - that I need a different neckline under the cardi - maybe a turtleneck?  But the collar mostly stayed flat, and even though I blocked it even, one front is slightly longer than the other. 

I also think I need to add a large snap under the collar to hold the cardi shut when need be.   The problem with that is that the back of the snap would show when worn open.

Even open and floppy - this cardi was easy to wear.  And yes - I wore tall boots yesterday and they were totally weather appropriate.

ETA:  Pattern is Lilas Cardigan and I used 10 balls of Knit Picks Stroll.  Total cost of the sweater was right around $30.  Time - about a month. 


  1. Very nice and I love the color!!! I'm sporting alot of green this season...not sure if it's in, but who cares???

  2. OOOOOOOHHHHH, MUST HAVE PATTERN. Might die w/o pattern!!!!
    I freaking love that cardi!!!
    I think instead of using a snap, use a cute pin to secure it. I think Sal has used this, i recall seeing it on her blog at some point? I have thought about doing it with my cardi.
    What yarn did you use. i am seriously, severly in love with that thing. Please share deets!!
    PS...too freaking cute with that skirt and those boots, too.

  3. Love it - but you knew I would.

    I'd just use a shawl pin and skip the snap.

  4. Very pretty!! what pattern is it?

  5. Looks like you've been having some lousy weather, too. We go from heat to air conditioning almost every other day.

    I agree, a pin would look great.

  6. Love it -and the color looks FABULOUS on you!

  7. Love it -and the color looks FABULOUS on you!

  8. I think it's pretty. A belt might help hold the front in place when it's not fastened? Chan's idea for a shawl pin is perfect, too!

  9. That is such a gorgeous sweater!!! And it's a lovely color and style on you ~ Enjoy

  10. What a glorious colour and yarn, it has a wonderful sheen (and your stitches are so, so even). I like it as is, asymetrical looks good - you could have this as a feature of the cardigan.


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