May 16, 2011

All I Can Say Is - It's Done

I spent weeks -  probably months in reality working on this outfit.  and the best I can say about it right now is that it's done. 

The turtleneck is sleeveless and is a KwikSew pattern - no I don't know the number and frankly I'm too lazy right now to go look it up.  Any turtleneck that you love will work.

The cardigan is from Ottobre Woman February 2007.  The cardigan was finished at the sewing retreat back in March, and then it laid on the back of the couch for weeks waiting on snaps and thread loops for the ribbon.  I like the ribbon with the fabric, but not with the skirt fabric.

Once I had the top(s) done, I needed a skirt to wear with it and the skirt that I had originally made to test the pattern is already on it's way to the good will - so....

After digging around in the stash, I cam up with this length of bottom weight mystery fabric.  It really matched the green in the knit.  So, I got down to business.  I've been using Simplicity Amazing Fit 2475 and then adding details to the hemline from an old (OOP) pattern pencil skirt pattern - it's where I got the flounce pattern, as well as the idea for this pleated panel. 

The original pattern only had the pleated panels going over the side panels.  However, my version goes all the way around - switching directions at the center pack with a deep box pleat.  It's lined and I love it.  But it's just slightly too snug - different fabrics and all that.  I will say - this is a new problem for me - usually once finished my skirts are too big.  So for now Lu is wearing the outfit.  Hopefully by next Fall it will fit. 


  1. A sleeveless turtleneck? Interesting. Given that my neck and shoulders are the first things to get cold these days, maybe I should look for one/some?

    Not sure about the two greens together. It's hard to say with photos, so I'll trust your judgement.

  2. I love it! At least in the photos (and on my screen) everything looks great together. Woot...a skirt that isn't too big! How fun to work on fitting into that. (No fun trying to fit a too big skirt)

  3. It's a wonderful outfit. I love that you had fabric to coordinate with the cardigan right there at hand! Congratulations on a job well done (and I'm sure you'll fit the skirt by fall)!


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