May 4, 2011

Another Version - Another Variation

Still playing with Simplicity 2475.  This is the straight skirt from their amazing fit collection and I'm thrilled with it. 

I used this fabric before when I made a wearable (allegedly) beignet.  I didn't really care for the way the beignet fit.  So, I took those buttons off that skirt and tossed the fabric.  But I had plenty left over from when the girls were wee and i never made them overalls or ruffled denim dresses.  Hey - it worked to see how the idea worked.

This time - I took S2475 and instead of cutting the center front on the fold, I cut it as 2 pieces and added an inch to the right (overlap - buttonhole) side and an inch and a half to the left (underlap - button) side.

I had to futz for a bit with the waist bands, but it fits and I like it and now I can more on with real grown up fabric.  So - thanks go to Carolyn for getting me to continue working with something that fits and plugging away.

Obviously I was playing on the deck when JB took these photos.  And yes - I did wear the skirt to work.  

I am so ready for warm weather and to quit wearing layers all the freaking time.  Yesterday was May 3rd and while I didn't wear this outfit yesterday - I did wear tights and boots and they were weather appropriate. 

So - what do you think? Do this skirt work? 


  1. Yes! I luvers it. I had to skip over the technical mumbo-jumbo, but it looks great.

    If it makes you feel better, I have on my "heavy" camel slacks, a long-sleeved cream shirt (pushed up to my elbows), a jacket and shoes - not sandals.

  2. I like it! I like it alot! Glad you stuck with it and got a good fit! Don't you love when Mr. Man gets those candid shots? That's why I don't ask Tom to take the pictures anymore! He usually waits til I bend over or pick my nose or something!!!!

  3. I like your outfit, but cannot comment on work wear as I don't know the needs of your workplace!
    Yay for keeping on trying to make things work/better.

  4. Yes, it's cute and if it feels good, that's the most important part.

    We're back in sweatshirts here. The shorts and tees didn't last long. We have the heat on again, too.

    That second photo is interesting. You have more nerve than I do.

  5. Hooray! The skirt works!

    Yesterday it was 70 here, but raining. Today it is 40 and - you guessed it - raining! Damn good thing I haven't gotten out the spring clothes yet. I'd be sorely disappointed.

  6. Love the skirt!!

    (Chan's comment cracks me up!)

  7. Love the skirt, it is super cute!!
    The weather here cannot make up its mind. i go from skirts and bare legs to jeans and boots. Today is yardwork day, so it'll be sweats and boots!

  8. I like this skirt a lot!!! In fact, I find myself looking at every button front skirt I find, and trying them on too! I've yet to find one I can't live without for the price..Plus the store bought ones are never long enough!

    Cute outfit all together :)


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