September 11, 2008

New Projects

Some of you may remember that my friend Channon had sent me some yarn. It was all knotted up. She sent it because I had mentioned that I wanted to try louet gems and she has some she currently had no interest in using. So it arrived at my house. The ginger is the louet gems that Chan sent. There was only one hank/cake of it. So after untangling it (and it wasn't bad at all). I took it up to Great Yarns! to find a coordinating yarn. This is what I came up with - it's ShiBui. Last night at knitting I got some no-purl monkeys started. I started on 2.00mm double pointed needles and made a pretty little picot hem. I read somewhere that if you do the picot on a smaller needle, it won't be so floppy. I have now transitioned to a 2.25mm needle and started the pattern. (Cam, I just can't make myself go up to the 2.50mm US1 needle - Don't laugh too hard when I have to rip it again - okay?) So - that's how I spent my night at knitting.


  1. Great colors. :-) I may have to try a picot hem on my next no-purls. Sounds like a pretty addition!

  2. I'm so glad it's finding a good use in your house. No dried Fred slobber?


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