July 28, 2008

A Funny Little Story

Saturday JB had to work. He works one Saturday a month. I generally prefer when he works on a day when I have plans, but it didn't work out that way this month. So, after spending a few hours (yes, I said hours) with the computer on my lap (uh -laptop?), watching sewing shows on PBS, while drinking coffee and talking to the dogs (JB was working remember?) - Beau talked me into going down to the studio. I was sitting at the sewing machine when Abby came running in from the yard - tell held high and when right to the gate. She was telling me there was someone here. I couldn't hear anyone, but who am I to argue with a little dog? So, I told her, I'd go check. Looked in the garage - JB wasn't home, there was nobody in the living room. But I turned off the tv and locked the front door. I just like being locked in when I'm home alone. And since I was up and moving I decided it was time to get ready for the day. So, I took a shower, dried my hair, got dressed and put on some makeup. Then I could run errands. I opened the garage door and went to the check the mail. When I walked to the mailbox, I could see 2 packages sitting on my front porch. So, while I couldn't see anyone in the house - Abigail was right - there was someone here. It was Keith, Mailman Extraordinaire! This is what he left. One package was for the The Musical One, but the other was for me. It was from Chan. We had been chatting about sock yarns and her recent purchases. I mentioned that I had been wanting to try louet gems fingering weight. She mentioned that she had some in her stash, that she had no desire to knit and that it would be plopping into an envelope and heading to me. I had fair warning that the yarn would arrived tangled and I'm okay with that. I'll untangle it shortly and it will become some socks. There are some beautiful stitch markers tangled up in there. Apparently this yarn smells a little too much like a sheep for a sweet dog to resist - or it smelled like his momma. But one very precious boy got into this yarn. Unfortunately it was making the yarn hang like a weight around Chan's neck. I have a little something up my sleeve with this yarn, but you all will have to wait to find out what.


  1. What a smart girl! She KNEW there was someone at the door, even if only for a moment...

    Enjoy the yarn. It was very soft, and maybe once you rave about it, I'll put it on my to-try list someday...

  2. Isn't it funny how the dogs talk? Thor lets out a strident bark for anyone he doesn't know, even pedestrians on the street, outside our fence. He howls with glee when he hears one of our cars on the street. "Ah-roo!" is warning that he doesn't like roughhousing between the kids. And so it goes. We can always tell what they're saying, can't we?

  3. Oh, and I love your new daisy header!


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