September 14, 2008


So, some of you know that JB is extending our deck. He's been working on it rather non-stop since Labor Day weekend. In fact, he's a little bit obsessed with getting this deck built. As long as their is daylight he's out pounding nails - by hand with a hammer - no air tools for this guy! (Mostly because he's too cheap to purchase them, but you didn't hear that from me.) Anyway - what with dinner out with friends on Friday night and the wedding yesterday - it's been a little neglected. So when one of JB's friends called and said he had tickets to the football game today and did JB want to go, he almost said no. JB is a huge football fan - he loves a good game, but in reality he's a Philadelphia Eagles fan and will always root for them and against anyone in their division (which Seattle is). In order to not feel guilty about neglecting his deck project, he was up at 7:30 this morning and outside pounding nails by 8 am. He was a little concerned that it might a little bit early to be hammering, but since I often hear their mowers before 8 I told him not to worry about it. He was able to get about 90 minutes of work in before leaving for the game. I'm sure if it's still light out when he gets home more will get done tonight. He's about ready to start installing the posts for the railings - decking comes after that :)


  1. My dearly beloved has a big-a** framing hammer that he wields with a vengeance. He does have a cordless screw gun, but he just loves the hammer. Hell, he can even "cut off" a 2x4 using the claws of his hammer, which are straight. Every man has his favorite tools, after all! Nice to see such progress on your deck; at least JB isn't getting bored in the middle of his project. For your sake, I hope he isn't the perfectionist my guy is - or he'll fuss over the rail until December!

  2. I merely wish the Knight had a project going. There's so much he COULD be doing, but he's unmotivated and life keeps him distracted from home improvements... I'm gonna' have to pay a general contractor.

  3. ohhhhh, i cannot wait to see it...hopefully next summer. good work looks great!


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