February 1, 2008

Happy February

Look what was on the kitchen table when I got home last night. I know - a package. Thanks Mary! (by the way, my hounds won't stop sniffing the dress) Mary has been working on the same dress that I recently finished (well it still needs the lining tacked to the zipper tape). Only - she doesn't like it. She left a cute comment on one of my posts about sleeping with the lining book which lead me back to her blog - it was in favorites on the desktop, but not the laptop, which is where I do most of my surfing these days. Anywoooo - I offered to take the offending dress off her hands. Look at what she sent - along with the dress, the already cut black silk lining she also sent an invisible zipper and the thread she was using. The color shows up much better in Mary's post - but look at how much better her dress fits my Lou than mine does (scroll down). Last weekend I picked up a cute soft blue top to wear under it, but I haven't tried them on together and I still don't have a new pair of black shoes! I bought a new pair, but there were 2 different sizes in the shoe box - darn it!
So, after I finish those darn curtains, I will be finishing this dress and then working on the already cut queue.


  1. G, the green dress is cute but I LOVE your grey embroidered one. Hmmm......looks like you might need to knit a nice silvery grey wrap. another project???????

  2. I still love your grey dress but that green one is awfully cute, too!!

    Bummer about the shoes.

  3. I guess I forgot to mention that I have cats :-)

    Can't wait to see if the dress works for you.


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