February 14, 2008

V-Day Winner!

JB did good this year! We haven't done anything for years, just doesn't make a difference. Well, this year he left a very cute card by the lamp on my bedside table last night and then left another sweet card on the bathroom sink. This is what that card said:
When people are married as long as we’ve been, they sometimes neglect to express their feelings as often as they should. Sometimes they forget, sometimes they just take it for granted that it’s understood . . . And sometimes “I love you” just doesn’t seem strong enough to express the deep emotions they feel. I know I’m guilty of not telling you “I love you” as often as I should. So today, for all the times I should have said it, I want to say “I love you” . . . And I mean it now more than ever.
R.Duvall The photos are some of my favorite from our wedding. We celebrated out 13th anniversary on December 31st. We got married outside in Western Washington in the middle of Winter. I had no idea it was cold until my feet got wet.
So, even thought I'm still exceptionally cranky today - this card and looking through the wedding album this morning to find these pictures did my heart some good. Hope you're heart gets some "good" today too.


  1. ok, moments like this make me totally believe in love. I'm glad you had a reprieve from the cranks today.

  2. That's sooo sweet, G. How can anyone be cranky after such a sweet gesture?
    Enjoy the moment.
    Love the wedding pics.

  3. What great photos! Very sweet, but I too was cranky on Thursday...

    Oh, and I refuse to count my sock yarn. I also don't think that one who lives with hounds is capable of being anything other than down to earth. ;)


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