February 7, 2008

Meet Miss Lucy

It was never our intention to have 4 dogs. When Lucy came to live with us - she selected us. She was the cutest thing on 4 little legs. Baby bloodhounds are adorable. Not quite as cute as baby basset hounds - but right up there. Lucy is a 'dunn red.' She is not a show quality dog because the powers that be don't recognize her coloring. What that means for her is that she doesn't have a darker color down her back and tail and her face is all the same color. Her nose is essentially the same color as her fur - not darker like most dogs and her eyes are the same golden color. She won a cutest puppy photo contest at the latte stand that JB goes to with that smooshed up face on the couch. He got a week's worth of free coffee!
Lucy is the most gentle, regal dog that we have. When she sits, she crosses her legs. She will rarely stick her nose in appropriate places (unlike her brother), and she loves just about everyone. Tuesday night she started 'squeeking' when she gets up. Yesterday I took her to vet. The thought right now is that she pulled a muscle somehow and he put her on rimadyl. Everyone please send good healing vibes for our 'golden girl.' She's a little stiff when she gets up on the morning, but seems to be able to climb stairs and load bear. So . . .


  1. I *LOVE* the look Abby (??) is giving her on the stairs...

    Healing drool from here. Sissy's finally learning to drool, but still seems rather dry-mouthed, compared to Fred.

  2. Hope Miss Lucy is feeling better today.
    Steve cracked up when I told him about hearing her howling when you stop the car while we were on the phone yesterday!

  3. Get well soon baby girl Lucy! She's so adordable... like Lucy, Sophie chose us and we ended up with 4 doggies too. I wonder if she's part bloodhound... she puts her nose down and wants to dig in the snow with her face... lol

  4. Four pups? I am in awe. If the Rimadyl doesn't work or causes problems, there are alot of other choices now.

  5. Hope Lucy feels better. I love photos of dogs who actually seem to like each other. My boys pretend that they don't, but your two snuggled together certainly look content.

    And Lucy in the smooshed face photo, oh so very cute.

  6. Oh poor Miss Lucy - feel better sweet girl!! Simon sends his best wishes for a quick recovery.

  7. Ahhhh, I just love all your hounds Gaylen!
    What a really sweet dog Lucy is!
    Elise and I send her lots and lots of healing vibes and drool!

    By the way are baby bloodhounds as wild and crazy energy bundles as baby bassets are?

  8. fred and henry send smooches and howls to miss lucy goosey.
    Sending good vibes your way....


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