October 18, 2007

I Don't Have Much

to show lately. Since getting home from retreat, I haven't been in the sewing room. I have, however, been knitting. But I can't show you anything. I have a pair of gift sock started in Tofutsies (?). This stuff is a joy to work with and I'm loving the color. I almost want to keep them! Last night at knitting I got yarn for The Princess' Christmas gift. We know she reads this - so no pictures of this project. I finished my pink socks which were started in Hawaii, but have yet to be photographed. Guess I should get on that. I a four day weekend coming up. We do have lots of plans - Casino with the office on Friday night (knitting time for me); Poker Saturday night (sewing time for me); digital camera show on Sunday; dinner out with The Musical One on Sunday night; and then I'm not sure what we are doing on Monday - that's my birthday :) My plan is to spend Friday finishing the couple of skirts that I'm working on. Then get busy on the remaining curtain panels for the living room. I bought the fabric and made the panels for the dining room more than a year ago. I have needed JB's help to hang the new hardware and I've been waiting on that for a long time. So, I plan on blindsiding him tonight after dinner. Then Friday I can get those panels off my cutting table!!! I will have knitting with me at all times when we are in the car during the weekend. Hope the rest of you get some productive time in your sewing rooms.


  1. Have a great time.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy ... your weekend plans sound wonderful.

  3. Hey mamma! I wish I had someone to drive with me on my trips...I would have sooo much more knitting done that way! I'm jealous!

    Love you!


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