October 29, 2007

Things I'm Missing and Things I Love

Cara of January One fame recently asked what part of your life have you let slip away and now are ready to rededicate time to? This question struck me as really profound and actually shocked me right out of lurking on her blog to actually posting a comment with an answer! I never feel very confident posting comments when someone routinely gets hundreds of comments! Anyway - The things I'm missing: ::Sewing. I haven't spent near enough time bonding with my sewing machine lately. I feel like nothing I touch works rights, crafts don't have the same appeal as garments - and lately I can't fit myself, so I've been knitting socks! I am ready to rededicate part of my life to sewing. ::Walking the Dogs. JB and I had a pretty good routine down. We would walk the dogs, then I would fix dinner followed by telly. This was really nice, we'd get outside, enjoy some fresh air, get to watch the dogs enjoying the neighborhood smells and visit about our days - I miss that. We are headed into the dreadful Seattle Rainy season, but I'm ready to get out and walk the dogs again. ::Exercise. I never in a million years thought that exercise would be a part of my life that I missed, but it truly is. I miss the feeling of accomplishment, the tired muscles after completing a difficult or new routine. Being able to brag because I 'had' to go to bigger hand weights. I miss the energy and stamina that working out gave me. I'm ready to start getting up before dawn again (5:00 a.m.) and get back into my workout routine. Things I love: ::Sitting in the bay window knitting, watching the leaves fall and the dogs romp in the front yard with JB ::Beauregard bringing his 'favorite' toy upstairs with him and watching him trying to get somebody to play with him ::Lucy's cuddling and her sweet, sweet face ::Curling up with JB watching tv ::Fixing a nice meal - even if it isn't pretty


  1. Thank you for sharing! Your lists sound wistful; it is good to get back to your center. I recently did that with my sewing, and that in turn led me to these great sewing blogs and their divas! I enjoy yours!

  2. Oh! I miss Beau and Lulu and Abooosa woosa, and dudders! I want you to send me one of them for the day! I don't really like katie! I want my dogs!

  3. Yes! Mugsy and I need to get into the walking routine again too. First, his torn ACL, and I just couldn't walk without him - it was too much like teasing him. Then, my siaticia, which still isn't resolved, but we should walk anyway...

    And how can I thank you for that stack of pumpkin recipes?! They're going to the beach with me! That was a tremendous bright spot in my day.

  4. Oh we sound so much alike! I miss mega-sewing spurts - lately I also have been having one heck of a time getting things to fit correctly and it just drains the joy right out of sewing!
    Walking the dogs - when Abby joined our household the daily one-hour walk with Sophia quit. Its only been this past week that Abby finally will walk without plopping down every three feet.
    Exercise - I know just what you mean. A good workout feels so good doesn't it? I just can't seem to motivate myself to get back to the gym.
    We love watching our dogs play also - there's something so relaxing about the way they play and let you rub their bellies.
    Now that you've identified what you miss and what you love you can begin getting "back on track"!

  5. What a good list. Thanks for sharing. I need to get into a walking routene again with our dog as well. Maybe we should all start a group to help us. ;)


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