October 1, 2007

At Carolyn's Urging

On Saturday afternoon, I finally got off the couch, got dressed and went out to run my errands. I saw it was at her urging because I was just sitting on the couch watching the really cr*ppy line up of sewing programs when she posted this comment: "Gay ~ I love the shortened version with the new pants. The outfit just works now! :) So are you going to try the outfit on and take a pic so we can oooohhhh and aaahhhh over how great you look in it?!"
Apparently, it was just the push I needed to finally get moving. So, I went and got dressed, snapped a couple of photos (not great ones, but this is what you get!), and headed out to run errands. I picked up Season 3 of Sex and the City - I was a little late to this party. Did a little fabric shopping for my KnitOne TeaTwo Swap Partner. I then managed to wash, dry and fold all the fabric Camilla sent me, plus everything I added to the stack while shopping on Saturday.
On Sunday, I had a few more errands to run - got the treats for my SWAP partner. Picked up a long overdue birthday gift. And I managed to purchase 2 Santa puzzles for our annual Thanksgiving puzzle. I then make hot cheese artichoke dip for football watching and then headed down to the sewing room. The dogs wouldn't even leave the living room to come sit with me. I managed to find all my old patterns and information for the big needle roll and drafted a smaller one for double needles. I did not take a picture of it with needles in. It is a little different that the big needle roll as on top of the needle holding pocket I added a little pocket with a flap (the circles & stripes on the bottom) for holding little things like stitch markers. I promise to give more details after my SWAP partner receives her package.
I feel so much better having actually got some sewing done this weekend. Even if it was all crafty. I have already got tonight's dinner in the crockpot - so that will free me up for a little sewing after work tonight :}


  1. That is a beautiful needle roll. If you are willing to share your pattern for it that would be great!!!

    Thanks for letting me know about the company lack of making center pull balls. Before I cast on for my next sock I sat there and made a center pull ball from the instructions on knittinghelp.com. We'll see how it goes!!

  2. Oh, that outfit turned out so cute! I love it on you...LOVE that blouse!
    Cute needle roll, and i love the fabric, you must be in heaven with that latest shipment. Nothing like hooking a junkie up with a dealer!!

  3. That blouse looks terrific now, very nice outfit! Even if you're only doing errands. Thanks for the pix!

  4. The outfit looks wonderful! You did a great job.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You do look good in the outfit and I am glad that my comment encouraged you! You know that I am always there for you!


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