September 13, 2006

What's Been Happening in My Life?

I recently emptied the two large cupboards in the sewing room. Took everything out. Amazing the things I found. Three of the shelves were filled with books, magazines and binders I had created with helpful articles, the reference manuals on the machines, I have a binder that I put together that holds all the accessory feet and needles. Some of those things got relocated to the desk where the machines are housed. My machines live on a large oak desk. I like it, the pull out keyboard tray holds the package for the needles currently in the sewing machine as well as my 'collection' of scissors. The cubby for a computer tower - currently houses the feet binder as well as the 936 Handbook binder. Also a few patterns that are in 9x11 Manila envelopes are there until a find a better place. The pull out shelve which would hold a printer under normal circumstances, now holds the binders with knitting patterns, sewing ideas, fabric info, Newsletters, etc. There is a walkway between the sewing table and the cutting table about 4 feet wide, just big enough for me to move the chair around and a dog to stand there to further hinder anything I might want to do. On the far side of the cutting table, on the floor are 2 plastic pull out drawers which hold serger thread. On top of that is a plastic 3 drawer unit which holds utility sewing thread. And on top of that is a plastic bin which holds finished projects for future gifting, the entire stack is topped with pressing tools. Along the floor are several 3 drawer plastic storage containers. These hold embroidery thread, sorted by color. In my past life I worked for a local machine dealer and prepared lots of store samples, I also embroidered clothing, etc. Not so much anymore. You need to understand that JB built my cutting table - the top is made from a piece of oak plywood that is 10' long by 4' wide. The legs are huge 4x4 pieces of lumber and there is a shelve halfway between the table top and the floor. The table is the perfect height for me to stand and cut at for hours. It's also perfect for working with The Princess to hem skirts. Whoever needs their skirt hemmed stands on top of the table and the other as at the right height to measure, mark and pin up a hem - especially a shorter skirt hem :) The sole shelve contains some plastic containers of stuff. There are 2 that have quilt tops and various fabrics purchased for quits. I like making tops, I don't like finishing them. So, there they sit. I guess I should find somebody to pay to finish them. Otherwise someday my grandkids will inherit these and wonder 'what was she thinking?' There is another large plastic bin containing trims, laces, ribbons, etc. There are a couple smaller bins containing quilting projects (again - I swear it was a faze!), cross-stitching supplies and embroidery 'blanks' As you move around the space, there is about 3' from the end of the table to the first cupboard. This cupboard contains fabric - sorted by color and recently refolded to look nice and enable me to see exactly what I have. This cupboards holds, white, black and brown fabric. The bottom has batting, home dec fabric, and some large pieces of felt. Between the two cupboards are large pieces of fabric, bolts of muslin and pattern grid. The second cupboard holds, green, pink, purple, blue, red, orange and quilting cottons. I plan to open the doors and take photos - moving you around the room as just described. When I am actually sewing - I don't need to get into the cupboards, so the ironing board sits in front of one of them. It feels a little small, but there is plenty of room and now that it's organized I hope to be productive. In cleaning up I found the following craft projects that I should buckle down and finish before we go to North Carolina for vacation at the end of October. Several years ago I started making paper pieced tea cup placemats for my sister. I have everything together in one of those hand plastic bins. Also, I found all the dog fabric cut out for a bag for a Dog Walking Friend. I need to finish that as I'll be seeing her in October as well. Time to get busy actually working :) Photos to come real soon - along with actual sewing content. Edited to add: Blogger won't allow me to add photos, so I've added them to my Yahoo albulm and they can be found here.

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  1. You sound awfully organized........made me tired just to read your post!


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