September 17, 2006

What I DId Today

Today I made my first ever double welt pocket. I know how to make and add a pocket flap, too. We didn't do that in class, but I saw all the step by steps and I'm not afraid! My welts looked great - they are even and everything. I also made my first ever bound buttonhole. Not so great! It actually looked like carp. The side are uneven, but the second one was better and they will continue to get better with practice. Again - I'm not afraid. I bought quilting cottons to make skirts. Really they will be Spring/Summer skirts, but I want to make them now. I've been wanting a very graphic black and white print for a skirt. I found a great one that will become a skirt. Most likely this Kwik Sew Pattern. I also bought a small white floral print on a black background and a larger black floral on a white background. I have enough of either fabric to make view A, but I really want to do is make View B, I just can't decide if I want the border to be black or white - I'm leaning toward the white, but I'm completely undecided. The last piece of fabric I got was this Amy Butler print. It will also become a skirt. I'm getting motivated to sew once again. Oh, I think I'm going to attempt to make a sheath dress and swing jacket for JB's holiday party. I tend to be pretty hippy and I've never had a sheath that looks good. There were several of the girls from my local ASG Neighborhood Group at the seminar today. I asked and everyone thought it would be possible to do and look great! So, now I need to get a muslin done before the October meeting, get back to working out, and keep my weight stable while on vacation! No problem.

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