September 6, 2006

Still Organizing After All This Time

I managed to get the overlaid pattern traced over the long weekend, but that's about it. I went shopping, didn't buy anything except patterns I'll probably never use. Oh, and a new iron and ironing board cover. My old iron quit producing steam! Hmpt! I have decided that what I really need to do is move all the sewing/knitting/reference books out of the cupboards in the sewing room, they need to be on shelves. JB installed three very cute shelves over my cutting table, but didn't space them far enough apart to fit a book! Of course he asked for my opinion while I was busing walking on the treadmill and couldn't really tell - they looked fine to me. Anyway, now I want him to put shelves up between the two cabinets. I could put the books there. I would need 2 shelves I think. The shelves would help stabilize the cabinets, as well. Once I get him to do that it's on to organizing fabric. What small stash I have (compared to others) is mostly cottons. I used to sew mainly with cottons. I sure I scream, loudly, made with loving hands at home whenever I wore something I made. I am now trying to get over my fear of sewing with fabrics I have never used before. At one point I had never used cotton either. Got over that one! Anyway, I want to sort them by colors and have them on the shelves in the cupboards. I'm starting to think of Fall sewing, I want to make a coat, some new skirts, turtlenecks and twin sets. There are visions dancing in my head. Sadly, that seems to be where they remain.

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  1. I am going to a quilt show today...are you proud of me? I am almost ready to get obsessed with a new craft!
    Did you go to the Harlot last weekend?


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