September 20, 2006

Hmm - why no new posts?

So, I had to work all week, last week. Every other week I get Friday off and it makes the alternating week really l-o-n-g! Anyway - on Saturday, I decided to tackle some of the stuff in my knitting bag. I finished the ballet top, complete with grafted shoulders and crochet edgings. Now, it just needs to be blocked. Also, I took a realistic look at the blue sweater and frogged the entire thing! I have yet to cast it back on. On Saturday evening, I got the muslin of the new and improved morphed, hip shape follows mine gored, flared skirt done. It's good to go! I'm very excited about that. I may put the white skirt on hold until sometime in March - but I have other ideas for the pattern. I also need to muslin the new KS pattern that has my heart and a bunch of fabric right now. I'm a skirt girl and I wear them all year. Monday I headed down to the LYS that is near my office. I bought 4 different colors of wool. I am planning on making felted oven mitts for the holiday gifts. I also finished another MD warshcloth and have another cast on. The oven mitt made for great no thought necessary knitting in the car yesterday on our way to the Fair. Speaking of the fair, I finally found the 4H exhibits but never the adult entries. Anyway, I was completely impressed by seeing lined, fringed jackets made by 5th graders and a complete suit - pants, lined jacket, and blouse - by an 11th grader. To date I have never made a lined jacket, I can't make a pair of pants to both fit and flatter (the main reason behind being a skirt girl). Apparently I need to step up my game! This morning when I came upstairs to get ready for work - I found a warshcloth, thankfully with needle still attached in the middle of the entry way. The yarn was everywhere - two colors = twice the mess and one missing needle! Darn that dog!!!! Happy crafting everyone.

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