January 8, 2013

Sewing 2012

I did not sew nearly as much in 2012 as I have in years past.  But the things that did get made were good things and I am still wearing most of them even when I should have retired or re-worked them. 

Case in point?  That lovely mustard print pencil skirt (it's not really a pencil on me) - it doesn't fit properly.  It's way, way too big in the hips. 

I'm not sure what I was doing this year instead of sewing.  I know at least one skirt got made that never got blogged and I think that will make an appearance when I review Vacations 2012. 

It wasn't until I attended the Fall Sewing Retreat that I really started sewing this year.  I took 2 patterns to retreat with me, one woven and one knit.  The patterns were traced, standard alterations made, and 'fake' fabric cut out.  I came home from retreat with 3 dresses - not too bad for 3 days of work, right?

I then proceeded to make another woven dress for my birthday and a few more knit wrap dresses.  I know how 3 dresses that fit me well, that I can slap on fabric, cut and sew and know (barring any fabric and pattern mishaps) I will have a winner. 

With that end result - I'm very happy with the sewing output from 2012.  To see the posts with finished garments in  2012 click the finished g12 label.  Happy 2013 Sewing to all!


  1. I think all your garments are wonderful and you look fabulous in them.

  2. LOVE the new header. Wanna' work on mine now?

    You sure cranked out some great wrap dresses at the end of the year. Looks good and productive from where I sit.

  3. You may not have sewn as much but you produced some really nice pieces. I've been having dreams about sewing and I can't wait to start but I have a little distraction that I'll post about later today.

  4. Agree with Chan...love the new header! Hopefully you have a productive 2013 in sewing! :)

  5. You have sewed so much this past year but my favorite thing you made was my beautiful shaw :). I do love the yellow skirt with those adorable teal shoes you have on. Happy 2013!!

  6. You whipped up some great pieces in 2012. Fingers crossed for some more lovely sewing for you in 2013.

  7. I love your new blog look! I also finally have my sewing room set up, sewing machine oiled, now just to set aside some time!


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