February 4, 2011

Socks Pair #2

Yarn:  ShiBuiKnits Sock
Started:  January 2, 2011
Finished:  January 19, 2011
Pattern:  Cotty

Verdict - lovely Autumn colored socks.


  1. Sock machine! So... is the green in there the green you need for a dress?

  2. OK, show off. I can't get started and you're turning out FO's faster than I can count.

    have a terrific and productive weekend.

  3. Yeah, what Sue said! LOL...you've finished two pair of socks, I finished two dish cloths...and 11 inches of a scarf. No comaparisson! AND, she sews...

  4. so nice, do they fit size 10 feet?

  5. Your favorite color family just for your feet! You can wear them in spring to frolic in the daisies, too.


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