February 6, 2011

Everything Takes Way Too Long

So this weekend I made it down to the studio to work on the twin set to go with last weeks skirt. 

First - I decided I needed to make sure the pattern alterations I thought I needed actually worked.  I retraced my KS pattern - putting in a sway back adjustment on the back.

Then I started digging through my fitting books to re-acquaint myself with a full bust alteration.  The last time I made this pattern - there was pulling in the front and gaping at the armholes.  So, I knew I need the full bust alteration, but what to do about the armholes? 

I took 3/4" out of the shoulder seam at the armhole side.  I used a thin knit that I got from fabric.com last summer.  I need to make a note to add length the next time.  I double the length of the turtleneck so it folds over - because I like a really tall turtleneck. 

There is still some gaping at the armholes - about another 1/2" - front and back.  So I think I'll do the really technical "smoosh a dart out" on the next version.  This knit is too thin to actually wear and the top isn't long enough - but it did it's job and told me what I needed to know.  Now to have time for 'real' sewing after the Superbowl today. 


  1. I do the smoosh a dart alteration all the time! *LOL* And won't this turtleneck work as a layer piece under a sweater? Tho I'm glad you worked out all the fitting issues so that you can make the final version!

  2. aaah, endless fit issues! ;) i agree with carolyn, though, can you layer this one?

  3. I completely agree with Carolyn, this looks like it would make a great layer piece.

  4. YOu'll still have enough in the tank to sew AFTER the game? Wow, you must be the Energizer Bunny! And...I agree with Carolyn, you could layer this, right?

  5. Here's another vote for the smoosh dart. It's the only way I can make tops work. There are just too many different angles in a full bust alteration, and my poor brain gets mighty confused!

    No sewing this weekend for me. Went to Sams Club with the big boys yesterday, and stocked up on staples (including $300 worth of Thor's vitamins, which should last until September - I'm an optimist). Today I'm doing finger foods in preparation for Super Bowl, and then comes the big event: The Commercials!

  6. Smoosh a dart? I don't understand...

  7. What a smart way to go about getting a top that you love! Looking forward to seeing the "real thing" :)

  8. Smoosh a dart? That sounds like it could hurt... lol


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