May 19, 2010

Cardi Follow Up

Yesterday's fabulous cardigan pattern is from Sirdar. When I was engaging in retail therapy at Weaving Works, I saw a finished sweater on their wall.
I was immediately smitten. I had to find the book.
The book is #336 and is available here (no affiliation - just trying to help people feel the knitting love).
The cardigan is called "Design A - Cabled Yoke Cardi" and there is no designer credit.
Besides this beautiful cardigan - there were actually other knit worthy garments in this book. Let me know if you knit anything from it - k?


  1. baby girl... if u knit another damn brown sweater i'm gonna fly right out there and beat your earth-tone loving arse! don't u make me board a plane... i'm sending u something bright and as obnoxious as moi... it'll go with the RED sock yarn in your stash pile.
    that'd be ur indiana stash pile. 'cuz i'm incredibly lazy about that whole hauling craps to the post office.
    miss u muchly. now put. down. the. brown.

  2. OK, I don't knit. But Camilla's comment made me laugh - a lot. She'll beat your earth tone loving arse, indeed.

  3. Ok, so what bright, cheerful color are you going to use to make that gorgeous sweater?

  4. hahaha!! Camille's comment made me laugh too! I SO have to learn to knit!

  5. You already know I'm pouting because I set aside the "beach" colored Whisper in December because I NEEEEEED it tonight and alas... that's not an option. Knit what you love.

  6. I can't wait to see what the fo looks like! I'll have to see if they have the book at the library. I guess Camilla didn't read the a fore mentioned post about the yarn you will be knitting with before she posted her comment.. silver isn't an earth tone.. but still an hysterical comment.


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