May 14, 2010

Here Doggy Doggy

I finally wore it!
This morning I was slightly uncomfortable.
This skirt is straighter and shorter than most skirts I wear.
The blouse was tucked in - all day.
And I didn't have a cardi to throw over it and help cover up.
But - climbing the 310 stairs every day is helping to flatten my tummy. Here's the back view. It looks wonky after being worn all day. I could still take the side in a bit more - but I don't want to. It's okay - I'll attempt to make more of this style. I did get several compliments. It was worth all the trouble to get it done.


  1. Love it! That center panel on the front is great, as is your faithful assistant, sneaking into each photo...

  2. it came out well. The piping offsetting the center panel at an angle looks great.

    310 stairs a day??? My leg will barely carry me up 14. My hat's off to you.

    And I like your hair this way; it looks good a little longer.

  3. It is a wonderful skirt. Very smart and so great for many occasions.


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