May 16, 2010

Retail Therapy

Not this past week, but the one before was very long and difficult.
Abby's face had swollen and we had no idea what was going on with her. It would get slightly better and then get worse again. On Friday I called our vet to see if I could get her in on Saturday.
Unfortunately, they were full and wouldn't schedule an appointment until Saturday morning. The same Saturday was my monthly ASG meeting and JB had to work.
After a run to the vet and a quick try on of a sock by Miss L. (it didn't fit her and will never fit a human). I met another friend at a LYS for a bit of retail therapy. I might have gone a wee bit over the top.
Apparently - socks are on the way out and lace is on the way in. The pale pink on the right and the multi in the front are both lace weight yarns. The dark grey is sock yarn to be used with some left over purple as accents. The other 4 balls of sock yarn are to be gifted. it was good.


  1. My father in law was a smart man, although notoriously "thrifty". However, he always said that shopping was cheaper than a shrink.

    Here's hoping for a better week for you!

  2. So sorry that you had a tough week. It is so upsetting when one of our "babies" is not well. I hope that she is feeling better now. Lovely yarn by the way.

  3. Beautiful yarn! Sissy is not quite herself, but I'm sure it's the prednisone.

  4. So what was wrong with Abby?? :(

  5. Retail're doin' it right. ;)

  6. Your shawl totally made me love lace!

  7. Hope Abby's okay!?
    That lovely purple/blue/jewel toned skein in the front would sure have mede me feel better!


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