May 27, 2010

You Know You Do It

So how many of you have conversations with your dogs? Real conversations - where the dog talks back? Do you use a different voice for your dog? Come on you know you do - will you admit to it? Second - who would your dog be? What does his/her voice sound like? Would they be a real life person - maybe a celebrity or a character? Dudley Dog would be a character - he would be Eeyore. He just has a lot of the same characteristics - he's shy, he hangs around on the edges and he firmly believes if he can't see you then you can't see him. The rest of my dogs are a bit different. Abby would be - well I'm not really sure who she would be. She is the queen be - the ruler of the house, but she's also very elegant. She does things on her own terms in her own time. So - who would you describe her as? JB says Lucy would be Carol Burnett. With the funny way she sits and some of the funny things she says. She's also very gentle and loves to be right in the middle of whatever is going on. Beauregard is a cross between Jethro Clampett and Forest Gump - just a very happy go lucky. Will do anything you ask him - generally without asking why - but he's not the brightest. So - talk to me folks. Do you talk for your dogs? Do you use a different voice? And who would they be and why?


  1. Abby would have her voice-overs done by the recently departed actress who played matriarch Nancy Hughes on As the World Turns. Nancy was the perfect grandmother, always dressed to the nines, but she could make her district attorney son feel nine again with just a look...

    I'd written a long burb about my girls, but I like this idea better than what I was going to blog today...

  2. I talk to my dogs all the time...I do have different voices too when I speak to them (drives my husband crazy!) They definitely are characters, but I need to think about who they remind me of. I also talk to all the dogs at work...that's why they love the nurse...she's crazy!!! :) BTW, my email address is mdeeter at if you want to talk Coldwater Creek! Mary

  3. I hold conversations with my dogs, but I don't have to speak for them. They answer in their very own voices. This pack is very vocal.

    Morgan speaks in a moaning way. Samba has a high staccato yip. Sky groans. Fudge is the funniest. If he's in trouble and tries to explain himself he goes woo-woo-woo. Tsar has a very high squeak. Tess has a beep voice. Lola and Bailey both have breathy voices and Norma Jean and Noah are the quietest. They speak more with their eyes and actions.

  4. Of course I talk to the dogs! That's not crazy, right? Ah, who cares if it's crazy! In my mind, Cooper's voice is a lot like Goofy, Tara's is Tweety Bird, and Emma's is the bossy, no-nonsense Lucy from Charlie Brown!

  5. I talk to Thor just like I talk to the kids, including using the Imperial Mom voice when necessary. He's the strong, silent type, and would probably sound like James Earl Jones. I especially love your characterization of Beau.

  6. If we are being truthful then I think all of us talk to what ever little animal we happen to be mom and dad too. It does make me feel better to see other people admit it. I began to really wonder about me! Now I see that I am not so strange after all! Love this post today.

  7. We talk to our dog too and love "answering" as to what the look on her face says!

    But your post reminds me that my mother-in-law always talked things over with her Katie dog. Katie served as a sounding board and helpmate. Unfortunately, Katie died almost 2 years ago. We see the difference her absence has wrought. MIL is more fragile, more unsure, and more lonely without Katie. We miss Katie but not as much as Mom C. does.

  8. Well, of COURSE we talk to the dogs, they're practically human LOL ! Even Hubby would have to admit to it although I do it more.

    I do give them different voices but never really thought about who they would be.


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