May 9, 2010

Momma's Day

Somehow it's become a Mother's Day tradition to go to the horse races on Mother's Day. I loaded up my new knitting bag and took a brand new project on a road trip. The Princess - send me a package from Rhinebeck. Well she'd didn't send it from Rhinebeck - she bought it all there with me in mind.
I understand that she has a matching project bag. Like the lovely lace weight she sent me for my birthday last year - this yarn doesn't have a label of any kind. But I have been told that the dyer has guaranteed that the yarn is dyed to so that your socks will match - lovely, isn't it? The bag is a square version of the project bag that I made for our cruise. It's cute and functional? I like it.


  1. Love both yarn and bag. Hope you had a LOVELY day!

  2. That bag is really pretty, and I love the colors in that yarn. Do I see more socks emerging soon?

  3. Lovely yarn and very lovely bags. I hope you had a fun day at the races.

  4. Nice! I like the pattern on the bag.

  5. Like my first Hub says "I'm a Bag Lady". I love the bag! And the yarn is excellent!


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