September 9, 2008


After knitting a wrap for latte girl, remember it? Well I finally picked up a hank of yarn to make the same wrap for latte girl's mom. I purchase a creamy white sterling silk and silver yarn. it was knit using Susan Bates Crystallites - the yellow ones. I don't remember what size they are and after my work out I'm feeling too lazy to go look! Because I thought the pink Cascade 220 came out a little small, I cast on 167 stitches or 30 more than the pattern called for. I then followed the pattern exactly. It's a very simple pattern that works up quickly. Blocks beautifully and produced a wrap that is light, airy and warm. I also hope it will be comforting. On Sunday, we loaded the dogs into the Jeep and grabbed the wraps to head off to the latte stand. We stopped and talked to latte girl and I gave her both shawls, explaining their purpose. I asked how her mother was doing (she has a good attitude, but chemo bites) and how latte girl was doing (she's hanging in there, mom's good attitude is really helping her).
Monday when JB got coffee, latte girl was there. She had delivered the white silk wrap to her mom. Her mother was thrilled. She was shocked that a customer would knit something for them. We just hope they bring a little comfort and warm as she deals with a horrible disease.


  1. They are lovely, and i am sure that you warmed both gals to their souls.

  2. These are so pretty and airy! What a wonderful thing to do for JB's late girl.

  3. Did this yarn produce a better (bigger) drape than the Cascade? I'm deciding whether to cast on more stitches with the yarn I got for my 2nd one now...

  4. Beautiful. So thoughtful...

    I'm trying to catch up on all my reads, so forgive me for not commenting on every post!


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