August 26, 2008

Knitting for Others

For some reason lately, I have no desire to knit for myself. I would much rather knit for others. A couple of weeks ago now, JB came home and told me one of the girls that works at the latte stand he frequents regularly found out her mom had a terminal illness. In his next breath he said, I don't know what to say or do to help. That's the problem, really, isn't it. None of us know what is appropriate to say or do. Thankfully - most of us haven't been in a similar situation. Being the little joiner that I am, I had agreed to knit along with a knitters garden (ravelry link) to make a super easy triangular shawl. I cast on for this on Monday night, using Cascade 220 in a very soft, light pink and US 13 needles (a size smaller than called for). I finished it on Tuesday night while watching Monday's episode of The Closer. I will say that it's a little bit smaller than I anticipated, but I'm taking it to knitting tonight to see if it will block bigger. I might also pick up a drapier yarn in a light green to make another. Then the green would go to the mom and the pink to the daughter. I hope these shawls will bring them comfort as they deal with what's ahead.


  1. Sounds like you had a similar issues as me with the Mission 1824. Mine came out MINI size... which translates in to its now a scarf/over the shoulder wrap. I do love it because its SUPER soft, but I am planning to make another shawl with drapier yarn. Mine came out about 1/3 the size of Cheryl's who had the gorgeous hand painted rayon yarn.

  2. Lovely! And very thoughtful of you...

  3. How nice of JB to be so bothered by Latte girl's sadness that he mentioned it to you, and how wonderful of you to do something nice for her and her mother! JB must be proud of you, and you of him, too!


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