August 4, 2008

Um, There's a Car in My Yard . . .

Tonight as I was driving home from work I was being bad and talking to Miss C. I had called to ask her if she had signed up for Dish Rag Tag: the Sequel. But as is the way with a good friend, the conversation wound around and we talked about everything - protein, the goodness that is bacon, charity knitting, philosophers wool - you name it, we probably talked about it. As I drove down my street - I said, Um, Cami, there's a car in my yard. Why is there a car in my yard? Like she knew the answer. Being the good sport that she is - she played along. JB had a stroke and some nice person followed him home to make sure he got there safely?Well the truth is that the neighbors' boyfriend's brakes just failed. His car skidded down the hill. there is a lovely skid mark down the hill. Thankfully - he had the wheel turned and his car ended up in our yard and not in the 3 cars which were parked at the bottom of the hill. This is the view from the house. That lovely vine that's everywhere is a 3 year old grape vine. It produced one tiny little bunch of grapes this year. Thankfully, the car only took out the trellis and not the grape vine. Here they are removing the car from the yard. JB now has some unexpected yard work to do this weekend. Thankfully, the car wasn't really damaged and none of the neighborhood kids were outside. It could have been really ugly!


  1. You're being very calm and nice about it...

  2. oh goodness! glad no one was hurt....that's the important part. when we lived in california, a guy on drugs flew thru our yard and hit a tree. we were home at the time. the sound was awful. having crime scene tape and the police in yard for hours was worse.

  3. About 30 years ago, during one of the previous oil crises, I came home around 8PM to find a strang car in my driveway. I went to the neighbor's house & called the police, who took my house key and entered the house, guns drawn, to be sure there were no intruders inside. When they ran the tags, the car belonged to a prominent neighbor, who had run out of gas (due to odd/even day rationing), coasted into our driveway, & left the car!

    It is fortunate that no one was hurt, and only your trellis was damaged.

  4. Glad no one was hurt! Do you think the grape vine will survive?

  5. Huh. When you said "in your yard", I really thought you meant "in the drive"... I know to take you a bit more literally now, eh?
    Maybe this will scare the vines into producing better next year... or you can threaten them with a truck or an R.V., or a semi-tractor/trailer. Glad no one was hurt.
    How'd the bacon go over? *snark* C

  6. OMG... thankfully he was able to skid "safely"..


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