August 7, 2008


This is how I'm feeling today. Just trying to stretch out and wake up. Didn't sleep well, got up early (before 6:00), got JB ready to leave and then went out to the deck to knit. The dogs were all helping me. Of course, then JB overslept and a nice relaxing morning when haywire from there. For more of my dog pictures you go to my flickr album. And for lots more dogs - go visit Dogs on Thursday
Happy Thursday! Next week our little town will be having a parade for Beau & Lucy's birthday.


  1. I knew their birthday was coming soon! Next week's DOT post can show them in their birthday finery! They're so funny stretching!

  2. That's closer to a DOWN than Sissy ever got... ;)

    How 'bout locking your office door and taking a nap?

  3. What a great shot of those two.


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