August 8, 2008

Stitch & Pitch

So, yesterday was the 4th annual Mariner's Stitch and Pitch. They gave t-shirts to the first 3,000 knitters. This wasn't a general everyone through the gate gets a shirt. You had to make you way to the 300 level and then show your ticket to prove you were sitting in the right section.
Before finding our seats, but after getting our t shirts. We walked around all the local shops that have tables set up selling their wares. Remember, we have a ton of LYS in a relatively small area. There were lots of vendors there. My friend D bought the yarn to make the sweater she is modelling here. D said this was the least expensive sweater she has ever purchased yarn for. The yarn was purchased from Tricoter, the yarn is Blue Moon Fibers Twisted and Silk Mo - one hank of each. The body of the sweater is knit from Twisted and the sleeves, a bottom band an the loose neckline are all knit from half a hank of the Silk Mo. This picture of D isn't great - but the sweater looked fabulous on her.
Next, I asked to snap a photo of the beautiful felted scarf that is done in a new way. Rather than any of the methods we think of for felting, this company has come up with a special paper that you loosely needle felt, then you do some tricky stuff and end up with a piece of beautiful felt. This scarf was wonderful.
Finally, this was our view from our seats. Yep - that's the top of the stadium and the sky. Didn't the clouds looks pretty? We actually had really good seats and a great view of the game. We left between the 7th and 8th innings. Our team scored a run as we were leaving to tie the game, apparently there was also a walk-off home run during the bottom of the 9th to win the game. Because JB knew I was there - he was flipped between the game and So You Think You Can Dance - he was very surprised when I walked in the door.
Big fun was had by all, and I'll be calling Blue Moon Fiber Arts today. Several of the booths had local sports teams colors. But nobody had Gonzaga(my boss went there and is a big fan). I also am in the market for Eagles, so I'm just gonna call :) Happy Knitting everyone.


  1. Another reason to pout... No baseball here, so of course, no S'n P either. Why'd you leave in the midst of a great game?!

  2. Ohhhh, soooooo jealous. What a gorgeous day it was, too!!
    Again, so glad you are no longer a hater, and you go to the games. I know, you just miss the kingdome.

  3. Dying of boredom in a fabric/yarn shop... this must be hell.
    The bear is darling, the 'bikini' hysterical. Off to work on my "list" for the e-newsletter. Again, this *must* be hell. Hope you have a fab Sunday. How's the three-day weekend treating you? C

  4. Looks like fun! Cute tshirt too!


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