August 24, 2008

Second Guessing Myself

Today I am working on making Butterick 4648. I have had this pattern hanging around for awhile. I also want a new skirt. I measured myself and cut it out yesterday. I also had to piece the fabric because the front and back are cut in one piece. I didn't want to cut it on the cross-grain, because I didn't want the flowers oriented the way they are in the photo at the right (which I forgot to rotate).
Knowing where my widest spot is, I sewed the pleats deeper, by about 2" so they would release after my hips.
Now, I think this may be a bad idea. Unfortunately, I have topstitched all the pleats with lime green thread that matches the little lime green flowers.
Stepping away and looking at the front pinned on Lou it doesn't feel that awful. However, when I was sewing it, I just have the worst feeling. Like these darts are gonna let go right where I am widest. Either than or it's gonna look like a drop waisted dress from the 80s (you know where the bodice went to the hips and then the skirt was gathered on). So, I'm asking you - should I push forward and finish this Lou is totally not me these days. She's a little bit slimmer and shorter! The biggest problem I have is that I have 2 skirts in my closet. Not literally - I have more than 2, but they are only made from 2 patterns - Simplicity 5914 and Kwik Sew 3337 and I want something different. That leads to poor design choices for my body shape. UGH! I want this to be easy and not take all day, but then don't we all?


  1. I do the same thing. I have dozens of patterns, then only use a couple of favorites. And you remember me wailing about losing my favorite summer dress pattern, then replicating it, right? Anyway, I think this fabric is pretty, and I think stitching down the pleats is a very good idea. It looks good on Lou, but please don't let her wear it for too long!

  2. I think you're okay to stitch down the pleats I've done that myself because I have hip fluff and I want the fullness released lower than the fluff. The fabric is adorable - and I know what you mean about wanting to try a different pattern. I have a few faves but every now and then think I should do new. Can't wait to see it!

  3. Lou looks good. stitching down the pleats past the hip was a good idea. the fabric looks soft enough that it will still drape close to the body. pretty fabric, btw.

  4. I think it looks fine. If you wanted to raise the release point a bit, you could set the waistband down an inch or two and face the hem if needed.

    BTW--come on down and visit! I'll help you with the fudging on the back of the wrap dress. I'm all about the fudging!

    Mmmmm. . .fudge. . .


  5. And from the non-sewer, I think the fabric is pretty and it looks good on Lou!

  6. And the other non-sewer says at least it looks like a skirt! LOL There's no telling what it'd end up looking like if I'd been the seamstress. Yours looks pretty and very skirt-like. ;-)

  7. I'm going with Sharon on this one...I think you will be fine! The fabric is beautiful. Let us know what you decide!


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