August 22, 2008

Read Anything Good?

When The Princess got here, she handed me a book. The book is The Dog Walker by Leslie Schnur. It was a quick, easy read with a fairly predictable ending.
As with most things I do, once I start reading a book I tend not to do anything else until I finish it. That is both good and bad - cook dinner? Nope, I'm reading! Work-out, vacuum, walk dogs - Nope, I'm reading! See not always a good thing. I do manage to make it to the office when I'm involved in a book. I also manage to get work done - but mostly because I leave the book at home!
So, if you're looking for something cute and easy to read - check it out!


  1. Oh! I'm like that too! Give me a good book and forget about anything else getting done. This one looks cute...perfect for a few nights of entertainment.

  2. How nice of The Princess to bring Mom a present! I can't stop reading anything I start - it's a real problem. And since I work at home, it can be trouble!

  3. I will have to check it out!! :)


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