August 14, 2008

Non-Dogs on Thursday

So last night, I got home and fed the houndies early. It was Brier's SeaScare parade. Brier is (by it's own definition) a small, suburban, residential town. The total population is about 6,500. Every year on the second Wednesday in August, they host a parade - it's getting better. We were busy keeping the dogs calm while we were eating and missed a few good photos from the beginning of the parade. JB is generally in charge of the camera (it is his) and won't leave me all 4 dogs to go get photos. The first parade entry up is our neighbor on his motorized laz-y-boy. Seriously! He added a motor and wheels to his favorite recliner. His wife says he's considering building another one so they can tool around together. They are very active in MEOW - which is a local cat rescue. Personally, I have no interest in cats, but I won't hold it against you, if you do :) Next up - this one was very funny. They had added a shark skin to a vehicle and in the sharks mouth a pair of legs was hanging out. Somehow, they had rigged the shark up to spit blood out it's mouth. Gross! In front of the shark was a woman walking around with a sign that said "Have you Seen my Child." But again, JB won't walk around to get the photos.
The last photo of the parade he took was of this van decorated with all sorts of shoes and bags. I'm just curious - when you have clued shoes all over your vehicle - do you just park it the rest of the year or do you drive it with shoes all over it all year?
We ran into a couple on our street. The Princess used to have a crush on their son. We ended up hanging on the corner visiting with them, watching the parade. There are several very noisy 'exhibits' in the parade, including a group of vigilante pirates (who support children's hospital - I think). But they fire guns. They are fake of course, but still very noisy. Between the bagpipe band, the firetrucks, guns, and loud exhausts - Beau is one very unhappy dog during the parade. He decides that he hates me and I cannot be trusted. Obviously not, since I walked him up to the noisy hell. This is the one time of the year when we take all 4 dogs - it's hard to walk 4 dogs anywhere. The short dogs are running the whole time we are moving and the big dogs are pulling.
The local Basset Hound rescue always has a few dogs there that need relocating. The dress them up and walk the parade route. We missed them while avoiding the bagpipes and never went back to see the dogs. However, because we were the crazies walking around with 4 dogs - we got asked a couple of times if Dudley and Abby were available for adoption. Before you all get upset with me - we said no! Once we got home - I grabbed JB's camera and played a little bit in the fading light. This is one of my favorite photos - although it is a little blurry because I used neither flash nor tripod.
So, without any dog pictures (for pictures go here) that's my Dogs on Thursday post.


  1. You know Beau doesn't hate you!!! ;) Sounds like a great time... well, minus the awful noises...

  2. not only are there 4 of them and of different sizes, but they're also HOUNDS, each with its own thoughts about who should go or be where! people would gawk when I'd walk the 4 newfs in our family...but they just kind of amble along with you...hounds are something else!

  3. I don't know about where you live, but where I live, some of the folks do leave the glued on stuff on their cars! We have an art-to-go parade every year sponsored by the local arts center that is all about the wacky decorated "art cars"! This year one of the entries was painted with flat black chalkboard paint (with other objects glued on too) and when you went to look at it, you were allowed/encouraged to draw on it with chalk! I've seen some of the past entries driving around town during the year. Others just come out for the parade.

    Your parade looks like fun.

  4. Your town sounds like mine only bigger.
    (We are only 3,000 big)
    When we walk Elise to our towns festival (which is next week) she loves it until the noisy bands and fire crackers start then we all have to high tail it home at a fast pace.

    P.S. Great moon shot!

  5. Well, it wasn't dog pictures, but it WAS the town's parade for the twins' birthday, so that counts, right?

    For a couple of years, we had a parade that once "wrapped around the entire block." It included the "toilettes" (ladies twirling plungers) and the riding mower races. I don't know why they didn't run it again, as it was a hoot! But, our town only has about 167 houses, so the population base isn't too big!

  6. That parade sounds really interesting...ummm she was really carrying a sign that said "Have you seen my child"? Isn't that kinda grotesque?

  7. Interesting. I like the motorized La-Z-Boy...Lehu might really dig that.


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