August 1, 2008

More Mockery

So, I have been slowly working on the mockery socks. I have them both on a US0 40" Addi Turbo. I am working them from the top down, both at the same time. I absolutely love this yarn. It is Claudia's Hand painted fingering weight in the colorway Pistachio and was a gift from Chan. For some unknown reason - my inclination is to make socks from gifted sock yarn for the person who sent the yarn. However, both this yarn and the yarn I received for the girly-girl (raverly link) are being kept by my - color me selfish! I wanted to tell you all about something really cool that happened at knitting on Wednesday night. Fontelle hosted Joe - owner of SouthWest Trading Company was at our knitting night. He claims to knit, but we never saw proof. We did however see lots of their new fabulous yarns, all made with some non-traditional fiber. My friend D was drooling over the 24 Karat Shell made out of bamboo. The feel of that yarn was spectacular and the drape - wonderful. She'll be knitting it soon and maybe even adding it to her Ravelry page. They had tons of new stuff and I love feeling all of it. The colors are vibrant and if the products feel anything like their tofutsies then I'm sure they will be a dream to knit with.


  1. Yes! Keep the yarn and the socks for YOU. That's why I gave it to you. ;)

    I've been impressed with all the SWTC yarns I've handled. Now, I want to try some of their patterns, other than the Tofutsies sock of the month...

  2. Those are beautiful, vibrant colors! Nothing brightens up rainy, cloudy days (or cold days) light bright color. Warm, bright knitted things? Close enough to perfect!


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