August 5, 2008


That's how I've been feeling lately. There are lots of things that I know about losing weight - skip sugar, drink water, eat your fruits and veggies, exercise, blah, blah, blah. There are other things I know - such as when you start an exercise program (and you're working with a trainer who's goal is to make you work to your full potential), your body hurts. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's just plain painful. I also know that you might have a small weight gain at the beginning. Here's where the irrational comes in. I am a daily weigher - I know, throw the damn scale away! I also know that what I weigh this morning is absolutely no indicator of what I did yesterday. But still I step on the damn thing every morning. Well yesterday at my Weight Watchers weigh-in, I gained 3#. It was less than I thought it was going to be, however I still wasn't thrilled. So, I talked to my trainer about it last night while I was being tortured. I have agreed that while I'm going to continue going to Weight Watchers for while, I'm going to ask them not to tell me - for at least a month. To give everything time to work without my getting frustrated and sabotaging myself, as is my wont in life. I'm also going to attempt to get more protein in on a daily basis - this is hard for me, but I'll work on it. What makes you irrational?


  1. I tend to shoot the messenger. That's irrational, isn't it? I just get so upset over stupidity, and I find myself fussing at someone who is agreeing with me on the stoopid issue at hand!

  2. I just started back on a weightlifting regime and it's making me a little crazy even though I know that I will build muscle much faster than I lose fat. However, it still annoys me that my measurements have gone up since starting the strength training because I am building a bunch of muscle underneath my fat (which hasn't melted away yet) and so now I'm bigger. I know in the long run that I will eventually lose the fat and I will be happy with what is left underneath, but I can't help be unhappy about this temporary increase in "girth." But, hey whatcha gonna do?

  3. Stupidity and incompetence make me irrational. Dieting makes me irrational. Waiting infuriates me. I do love protein and fruit and veggies, so it's a little easier to diet than if I loved carbs!

    I have my scale in a semi-hidden location, in a bathroom vanity, so I can't easily just hop on it every day. It helps.

  4. I feel your pain... :/
    My irrational moment came on Saturday night ... see my blog post about the arseholes who sat behind us at the Boston concert. Ugh.

  5. Oh, I think you just summed it up pretty well for me. ;-) Part of the reason I hated Weight Watchers was having to get on that scale and knowing that I was going to weigh more because I'd been working out. Grrr....
    I feel your pain! :-)

  6. what makes me irrational? oh, honey, the list is way too long. the internet just isn't big enough to contain it.



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