August 19, 2008

The Dog "Party"

The Princess is home visiting for a minute (well, 5 days really, but it feels like a minute). Yesterday she was hanging with her dad (not JB) and went to Three Dog Bakery. She brought home 4 little pupcakes for the a late birthday treat.
So, here are all the dogs lined up on beds and The Princess is holding all 4 pupcakes over their heads. They all had to do a trick before they got their treat. The trick was dependant upon the dogs ability.
Lucy spoke and then stood up to get hers. She put the entire cupcake in her mouth in one bite and I think she might has swallowed it whole.
Beau did off. He's really good at this- especially considering this is a tasty treat and there are other dogs in the house. His cake is between his front legs and he had to wait for two things - 1) for JB to take the photo; and 2) he has to look at the person who put him in "off" not the treat he's suppose to be ignoring. He does this well. There is no photo of Dudley getting his pupcake, but he's behind Beau eating it. Abby did dance. The poor girl really had to work this trick. Because the camera wasn't firing fast enough to get it. She would go down and the shot would take. But dance she did and then she got a cute little pupcake.
After filling the dogs with a sugar high ~ she left again. Not for good, just to go out with her friend. She goes home before dawn on Thursday morning - see, so really we only had her for a minute.


  1. How cute! I love how they're all lining up for their pup cakes.

  2. How nice that they do tricks! Love your pictures; the pups are so much fun! I like Princess' dress, too; that's a nice fabric. Was it really warm enough for a halter dress? I'm so sorry she's only home for a minute. I feel that way when my kids are home, too; the time they're home is just so fleeting!

  3. oh that pic where Lucy is jumping up, Beau's tongue is sticking out. Too cute....and how cute is the Princess' maxi dress? She always has the cutest clothes!!

  4. Poor Beau... how long did he manage the "off" before he got to "take it"?
    And yeah, young chica's dress is mighty cute. I can almost remember wearing cute clothes... once upon a time...

  5. Absolutely precious.

    Interesting about commands. Sissy would use a "stay" then "leave it" to get the OFF results (theoretically). "Off" for her means get off of... me, Mugsy, the sofa...

  6. What a cool idea to have them each do something they were good at. Glad everyone had their special time with Princess!

  7. Looks like they had a grand 'ole time...

    The kids wanted to say... we luvs the 3 dog bakery!!!

    zeus, lola, tut & Sophie


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