August 15, 2008

Clue/Hint 1

The dogs and I spent the first half of the day in the living room. I was busy knitting the first clue on the Secret of the Stole, catching up on old episodes of Army Wives and they were busy snoring! With a few breaks for coffee and food - I got all 64 rows done! I'm pretty sure there isn't this much completed on my Malibrigo Lace that I started last year. However, the really nice part about this lace pattern is that the alternating rows are just purled back - with the exception of a garter border. That meant I could autopilot through those rows.
I decided to use the bronze lined clear beads. They add sparkle, but because of the color of the lining the blend in with the creamy latte color of the cashwool. I had thought I might go down a needle size and cast on with US3s but didn't like it, so I ripped and started over on the US 4s.
I can see definite rows in the pictures, but just knitting it and looking at it, I can't identify a design yet. There is a theme to these Secret Stoles, but since I'm not a good mystery solver, mine will remain a mystery unless someone else spots it and tells me what it is :0) happy knitting everyone.


  1. Hi, your stole is beautiful. I too am knitting it and am about half done with the first hint. It is a very pretty pattern.

  2. I don't have a clue as to what the design is, but it certainly is pretty with your beads in it!

  3. I'm jealous. You're leaving me in your dust. I am having a hiccup in the row 15 area. I am taking my time; marked my chart, counting after every row. the sl1k2togpsso is a bitch to tink!
    I like your yarn choice. looks yummy
    Hopefully I'll get done tomorrow(today) {staying up way too late watching the Olympics}

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  5. Quite lovely! I didn't get to cast on tonight. Mark's new title seems to have given him an even greater urge to stop by and see how things are going at the station. Ugh. The dogs and I are going to bed soon - nearly 2am my time!

  6. Love how yours is turning out! I'm pretty sure that motif on either side is a snowflake, but the theme itself I'm sure won't be clear until Hint #9. Or when DK tells us - though I got the first one right before she let us know!

  7. Gosh, it is really really pretty. I have not even finished the SOTS from the last round. Your color choices for fiber and bead are lovely!!


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