August 4, 2008

Charity Knitting

So, after hearing the siren's call of the new yarn, I turned my back on it and finished my second charity bear. These bears are donated through Great Yarns! to Camp Erin. This is the third year that I have helped dress bears. This little girl was dressed in a summer dress made from Tahki Wool Tweed in lavender and a coordinating creamy Borocco yarn. I ran out of the lavender just after I made all the pleats in the skirt. I made the bodice out of the cream and then added a little 'underskirt' in the cream so it looked deliberate. Her little headband is 5 stitches, worked in seed stitch until it was long enough and then sewn to create a bow. We are asked to make a shirt and a hat for each bear that we create. I have 2 more bears and 3 weeks left to get them done. So - no new socks just yet - more bear clothing. This last photo is for Marji. She is the queen of all things baked. The only difference is she bakes from scratch. She also makes dessert for her family most nights of the week. I try to make dessert on Sundays. Because there are only two of us, this little loaf will last JB the rest of the week. So, I bought a box mix for lemon poppy seed muffins. I wanted some sort of lemon cake because I had just purchased a flat of blueberries. After baking the muffins in a loaf pan, I poured a lemon glaze over the top (lemon juice with powdered sugar dissolved in it), then sliced it and served it with fresh blueberries and dollop of whipped cream. You think this might have anything to do with why after a week of working out I'm up 4#??


  1. Love the bear dress, and ANYTHING lemon poppyseed is great!

  2. That bear is adorable! Can't wait to see your others! The lemon poppyseed loaf with blueberries is a great idea! I'm slow at the baking business for a few days because my stand mixer is kaput, but it looks like Kitchenaid may get a favorable review over the problem, after all. I think I'm going to dispatch my daughters for fresh blueberries. Blueberries and whipped cream - what could be better???

  3. The bear is so... cute. I love bears & have to many of them. :-(
    Lemon and blueberries! YUM! :-) my fav's
    as to the WG; well, let's just say i'm in the same boat.


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