June 4, 2008

Wearing What I Make ~ Wednesday

Today as is normal for a Wednesday for me - I didn't much feel like going to work and didn't care about dressing up - so I dressed comfortable and warm. Jeans - Long & Lean from the Gap. I like these jeans, they are comfortable and fit well. I buy the longs - with my danskos the length is perfect. The sweater is one I knit in the Fall of 2006. I remember it because it was right after I got my braces off and I was working on the back while my dentist was doing the work for my crown. Yes, if you've never seen me knit - I knit like a freak! I hold my needles in some weird modified continental style - but I throw, and I mostly knit by touch. Which is nice, it means I can knit in dark movie theatres or flat on my back in the dental chair! The pattern is #3150 Stripe Ribbed Cowl Pullover by trendsetter yarns. I knit it with the recommended yarn Lane Borgosesia Stripe. Other than the fact that my collar didn't turn out as cute as the one in the pattern, I like this sweater and I generally wear it often during the Fall & Winter! So now, after 3 days - I'm batting 500 - half the items I have worn this week have been made by me. Not too bad.


  1. You brought those jeans here with you on vacation, and they seriously look KICK ARSE on you...i like that sweater...perfect sweater for a Seattle summer. ;o) And, as i am finding out, perfect sweater for an upstate NY summer. I seriously have not worn this many sweaters since i moved back from Germany. Which can be translated as, my wardrobe is hopelessly out of date, but i don't care, i am warm.

  2. I'm having hot flashes just reading along. The sweater is lovely though!

  3. You knit that sweater! It's beautiful! I bet you hear that a lot.

    I always make what I wear, because I got tired of buying tops only to have them shrink lengthwise so I looked like I was wearing my daughters' clothing, or like I was deluded enough to think stretch marks are attractive above the skirt waistband. I have enjoyed seeing your daily summaries this week.

  4. It's so hard for me to imagine sweater weather in June. We are pushing toward 100 degrees here! Oh to have some cool again. but we won't see it until probably October! Great sweater!


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