June 27, 2008

More Love in the Mail

Back in April I made 4 of Amy Butler's Swing Bags. This is a super easy bag to make. I have only made it from cute quilting cottons, but I have used various materials to line it. For example: heavy sew-in interfacing, mid-weight iron-on interfacing, canvas (which is what the pattern calls for) and light weight batting. My favorites either had interfacing or batting.
To date, I have now made 6 bags straight from the pattern and one that has been very modified. How many do I have you ask - None. I have given them all away. Some were gifts some were samples for Clementine's Dry Goods, and one was just plain taken from me by The Princess.
This one is for blogfree Jess - it's already winging it's way to you courtesy of brown along with other birthday goodness that is late. Thank goodness I ate the cake!
This morning after walking down the hill to get home from bike riding. The mailman was waiting for me in our little cul-de-saq. He handed me one of those USPS envelopes that you can't open for anyone's money! I took scissors to it - very carefully. If you sew and you love all the Amy Butler prints but can't find them locally. Follow the link above and call Cami. Look how pretty these arrived. Tied up with a little ribbon and all! Before you all go all postal on me - I know that these particular cotton prints are not Amy Butler at all but are part of Tina Givens ZaZu line which I cannot find a link to. Anyway - I had originally bought this fabric locally and loved it. Then I made swing bags out of it and sent it off to Cami. Who's customer's loved it and wanted it until she actually ordered it so they could have it. Customers are fickle things. Anyway - she sent me a hunk of yardage from the 2 prints I used in the bags. These are destined to quickly become cute summer skirts to be worn everywhere with painted toes and sandals.
Finally - look what was sandwiched between the pretty fabric. This is my shirt - I didn't get to see the yarn harlot this year, but Miss C. had shirts made for the occasion. If you go here, you can see better pictures of the front and the back. I may were this pretty little pink number with one of those skirts (probably not - don't send hate mail).


  1. ohboyohboyohboy...i cannot wait...wait, what? You ATE the cake? Did you at least put a twinkie in there??? I needs me some cake.
    OH well...i still CANNOT WAIT for my PRESENTS....

  2. Nice bags! And I love the way your fabric arrived all tied up and pretty. It's like Christmas in June, or at least a great, personal holiday!

  3. More beautious bags!!!!! Love the pink!


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