June 7, 2008

Wearing What I Make ~ Saturday

This was my Saturday outfit. I didn't do much today, ran a few errands, very few in fact. Picked up a few necessity an then did a little bit of housework.

The top was made by me. It's the santa monica tee by Textile Studio Patterns. I really like this top. I have 3 different tops from this pattern - but this is the only long sleeved version. The fabric is a knit that came from Londa's Fabrics several years ago. I think I might have made this top about 6 years ago. I don't know if Londa is even still around selling fabric.

Anyway - I was thinking about it. I think because I was having JB take photos everyday, I was a little more selective in what I chose to wear. However on any given work day, I generally wear a skirt. Most of the skirts have been made by me. What I wear with it, depends on what is clean and what the weather is like - however this week has been pretty representative of the fact that I do in fact, wear what I make. This has been a fun week - sharing with you all. Thanks for sharing my week with me.


  1. Cute top! Love the colors. This was a neat week in your blog...

  2. I love having a simple tee that can be made over and over; I have about 3 that I use endlessly. Great colors. I liked Friday's skirt, too; big, bold patterns on skirts are great. Plus, you color coordinated with the dogs. How much better does life get?


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