June 2, 2008

Wearing What I Make ~ Monday

Picture was taken at the end of a long Monday. The skirt is a chocolate brown faux suede that was purchased at JoAnn's in the fall of 2006. The pattern is a combination of a Kwik Sew that fix well through the waist and hips and the Simplicity Carolyn skirt for the swish and flair at the hem. The top was made in the Fall of 2004 or 05. The fabric is a stretch woven which I purchase from Julie of Timmel Fabrics. (Sorry, I'm feeling too lazy tonight to look up links.) The pattern is a new look with a hidden placket. There are front and back darts and this top is very comfortable to wear. I added a string of pearls and brown pumps. I know this outfit screams falls and it's the beginning of June. But the forecast says the weather won't be over 62* all week - so the outfit was appropriate and I received compliments from my coworkers.


  1. nice outfit. that green is good on you. true, not exactly summery, but i totally understand the weather issues. we had a few days of oddly chilly weather recently. it was weird to dive back into the fall/winter section of the closet after having worn spring stuff for so long.

    shan't be a problem this week.....90's for the rest of the week.

  2. oh MY...gorgeous!! Love the top, love the skirt!! You look fab my dear!! Well done!

  3. LOVE it! Can I have your weather? It's supposed to top 90 tomorrow (gee, only 89 today?), with humidity to match.

  4. I like this, too, and never worry about seasonal colors. Brown is very "in" this year, having just gone to the mall with 2 of my 3 daughters this weekend. If you have a turquoise top, try the skirt with that. It's a big combo, and looks surprisingly good! I make similar skirts, but shorter, because I look like a fireplug in knee length or longer skirts. Of course, I work from home, so I'm not constrained by office conventions!

  5. Nice outfit! I love the skirt drape and color. Very flattering! You are so productive. Maybe when I'm done with school I can get back into sewing. Caryn is making a pair of polar fleece pants for Eric :)



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