June 6, 2008

Wearing What I Make ~ Friday

This was today's work outfit. Skirt is Kwik Sew 3777 - same as the recently made red skirt. It hasn't been nice enough to wear the red skirt yet - but the weather is still appropriate for wearing a heavier lined skirt. I love this skirt! This one is made from a home dec fabric and lined with a pink lining. This is one of my favorite skirt patterns and frankly, I think it looks nice in almost any fabric. The top is also a Kwik Sew - I don't know the pattern number right off the top of my head and I'm not in the studio (maybe tomorrow I'll update and add the pattern number and a link or two). This one is a silk jersey purchased for Textile Studio Patterns. I have made this top several times. In fact it's actually the same as the baby blue t that I wore yesterday. This is actually my go to t-shirt pattern, I have changed the neckline a few times, as well as the sleeves.
Also - check out the new do. What do you think? I'm waiting until I fix it myself, but I love what they stylist did. She added highlights on the top only, blending the grey, cut is short and added lots of layers. It feels really light and flippy.
Finally - you can see that the dogs wanted to be in the action. I think Beau has his foot on me - you just can't see it. Have a good weekend everyone. Now the test will be to see how much of my weekend wardrobe comes out of the studio.


  1. I looked at your pictures first and thought, wow, her hair looks great! I swear! L-O-V-E I-T!

  2. Your hair looks awesome!! Love the color especially. The outfit is great too; the colors in the skirt are definitely something I'd be drawn to.

  3. Love the new do and your work outfits this week have been great. Thanks for highlighting what you wear from the studio. I know I always feel better (and the fit is better) when I wear my own label! Mary

  4. After reading "What you wore to work this week," I am itching to break out my sewing machine. Well, get my own fingers on it, that is! Both my girls have been using the serger and the sewing machine since they got home to make blankets to take back to school in the fall. Somehow this winds up involving help from me, but not me actually sewing.
    Your outfits have been really great to see! Thaks for sharing!

  5. First - I love the new haircut! Second - if that is your go to t-shirt I would definitely call it TNT!
    Third - you snapped that pattern up fast girl! :)

  6. cute hair mama! :)

    Jonathan is wrong wrong wrong! But what else is new! lol jk :)


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