June 1, 2008

Prison Guard

Thanks to Debbie and Teri, I will forever think of this dress as the Prison Guard Uniform. Today, I took some fullness out. Wanting to make sure it still have enough ease to clear my hips, I started 14" up from the seams and tapered down to 3/4" from each princess seam and 1" from the side seams where the seam had already been sewn. Does that make sense? That took a total of 10" of fullness out of the hem line. Because JB said he liked it and I was up in the air, I went ahead and looked for buttons. I was able to come up with 6 large 1" buttons from the stash. The are hard to see, but they are a creamy white with clear marks around the edges. They also have what appears to be handstitching between the center and outside edges with the clear bits. The green shows through and I like them. Finally, I hemmed the dress 3" shorter than yesterday's length. It's a little shorter than what I would normally wear and I don't know how comfortable I'll be wearing it. But, where the length was hitting my legs yesterday wasn't a good length. So, I hemmed it to be shorter than my chubby old lady knees (but I thank my friend VeeDogKnits for the vote of confidence that my knees can show). Carolyn, I'm sorry about the crappy mirror shots, but JB is out in the jungle planting food and being tortured by the bumble bees. I'll share their hive another day. I want to try out McCalls 4769, and Vogue 8383 before I make the final decision on which pattern to use for the Navy eyelet. Also, after prewashing the border floral - I don't think I bought enough for a dress. Must have been thinking of a full skirt.


  1. Oh, much better! I really don't think the original style would be bad or matronly ... just the combination of the length and flare of the skirt, with the green (that looked much different than your close-up with the buttons). OK, I think I'm still sticking my foot in my mouth here. I'll shut up now. LOL!

    Just for laughs (scroll) .... http://www.knitdiary.com/2007/08/finished_sewn_object.htm

    and ...

  2. It looks great! And you don't have old lady knees...

  3. It's much improved with less fullness! And your legs and knees look great - better than many 30 year olds I've seen around. The fabric is mice up close, and I like your buttons. Good idea to try out the other patterns before you decide on one for your beautiful navy eyelet (although you could always call & order more, I suppose...)

  4. Um,. I should proofread. I didn't mean the fabric is "mice" but rather, Nice!

  5. Heck YES show your knees! you do not have old lady knees. My great aunt was into her late 80's and still showing her knees..she had awesome legs, and her sister used to get on her about showing her knees, and i said "she is just jealous, show your damn knees off!!"

  6. lol, so is that what your kids call you? :)

  7. Way Cute! And your knees look like my knees (or the other way around) and my knees are just fine-which means yours are great too! lol Cute dress though... way to show off those sexy legs!!
    Oh and i have no idea what the 1980 prison guard movie ladies looked like, and I like the subtle stripe in the fabric and the buttons are cute.
    All around.. good dress :)


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