June 21, 2008

Leap o' Faith

I like a nice cushy sock. I really like one with a little patterning, something pretty - especially if I'm going to spend my time making it. The other thing I really like is a sock that hugs my foot. Not so much that it cuts off circulation to the toes, but hugs the feet. So, I week or so ago I was flitting about the internet and saw a pretty warshcloth pattern and knew that it would become these pink socks. Then while talking with the Amazing Miss C, we were discussing socks and she said that she refers to Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks as the bible on sock knitting. So I swatched, then I measured, then I looked up the charts in her book for 8 stitch pattern repeats, then I cast on 88 stitches per sock! Oh my! This just seems like 28 stitches too many. But, I'm getting 10 stitches to the inch in pattern on US0s and my instep measures about 8 3/4". So Ms. Schurch said cast on 88 stitches. I jut know these socks are going to be too loosey goosey and I'm going to end up either ripping them or giving them away. But even with the feeling of dread - I just keep slogging on. Knitting away. I have modified the original pattern so that I'm only repeating rows 3 through 10 for the pattern. I wanted something that looked more like a cable - and it does. And I wanted them to happen closer together - which I got. So far, I am very happy - let's hope that lasts!


  1. My ankles are big, but my feet are not. So I almost aways do extra decreases at the gusset. I usually add them in with the normal decreases but if I'm worried about the heel being too loose I do them all right away (skipping the plain knit rounds).
    When you get to the toe decreases you will need to decrease a few from the top half first.
    If these do end up being too loose they'll still swim a bit around the leg, but at least the foot may snug up for wearability.

  2. At least you're using 2mm needles. All you need now is some stress to make you knit tighter. And I concur with the extra decreases in the gusset... I do that all the time, but I also work a longer heel flap, because of my freakishly tall instep. The extra gusset decreases make the sock hug around your arch, too, so it should all work out. If it doesn't, I have some 1.5mm needles I can mail you! *snark* Cami

  3. They're very pretty from here. I do hope they fit. 88 stitches sure sounds like a lot!

  4. Very pretty. I love pink yarn and that's a great pattern!


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