June 9, 2008

Something New

After spending the last 10 days or so on project monogamy and feeling like I'm getting nowhere. I really, really needed a new project. So today while blogging around, I ran across a super cute washrag, here. It's called the lacy mock cable. I looked at it and thought, that might make a cute pair of socks. So, tonight I swatched it. Want to make sure I only have to knit these socks once. This is yarn which was sent to me by Camilla. I really want to make some lacy, girly pink socks for me. I think this will be just the ticket. The plan is to make both socks at the same time, cuff down because I like a traditional heel flap and gusset. Now - it's back to my ongoing project.


  1. I had to rip out the 2 1/2 inches-80 sts around-of sock I'd began as 'festival knitting' because Eli yanked out the needles and 1x1 ribbing is not easy to pick back up on that super soft "Elizabeth Bennet" yarn from Yarn Love. (It might be my favorite sock yarn to knit...ev.er.) Anyway, the casein needles I was trying out with that yarn were a pain. I'm sorta glad he's three and destructive. I'll have them reknit soon. Today I'm casting on Koigu (from the stash, not new... they are now under my ban) for Eli-socks. hopefully I'll have enough to post a photo of soon. Your pinkies are loverly! C

  2. Is this where I say I told you so?! Project monogamy just doesn't work for me, especially on lace.

    Loving the socks...

  3. Pink? PINK??? What happened to all the orange?



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