March 21, 2008

Who Does That?

leaves the house without knitting, that is? Apparently, I do. This morning I left to run a few errands and then have lunch with JB. Well when I got to the Dealership - they were about 30 minutes from being ready leave. And me with no knitting. That's when I remembered the box in my trunk. See it? Remember this post? Well I ordered enough sock yarn to make about 8 pairs of socks shortly after that. It was delivered to my office where it lived for several weeks, then moved to my trunk. Does anyone remember when I broke one of my pretty little SoxStix? Well just last week I went and exchanged the broken one for a new one and I just happened to have them still in my handbag. Lucky huh? So, while I was waiting for the guys to be ready to go to lunch - I was able to start on a sock. The yarn is knit picks Essential Sock Yarn in Meadow Multi. I cast on 62 stitches on US0s and am working in 2x2 rib. However, I'm thinking that the colors might show better in a 1x rib. I'm just thankful that even when I'm not prepared - I'm prepared!


  1. I'm meant to get some Meadow. Someone else was flashing some today, and I was thinking that I need some of my own...

    You're a genius. I think I'll add an emergency knit kit to the trunk too, right next to the factory first aid kit...

  2. Hooray for having everything that you needed.


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