March 4, 2008

Dirty Little Secret - Part Deux

First, I want to thank everyone who commented on my first Dirty Little Secret post. I wish I had emails for everyone as I like to respond, but I don't so thank you. Last week I hit my wall again. The one where you know enough is enough already. I have decided not to spend all my time sitting in a chair (yes, I know that's a pincushion, but . . .) I think the biggest thing for anyone is to find what works for you. We all don't have a gym setup at home (I do and I'm lucky to have it so I should use it), we all don't have gym memberships, and frankly we all don't enjoy the same things. I don't swim! I know it's great exercise but I don't like it! So, this is what I have done. I have prepared JB, told him what I need and asked him for his help. He has agreed to get up 2 mornings a week and help me move the machine around, set weights and make sure my form is right. He followed through with his agreement this morning. I also bought a new WW journal and am using it! For me, working out in the early (5:15-5:30) morning is what works best for me. It gives me a good start to my day and rather working as damage control (I'll get on the treadmill to counteract what I ate today) it works instead as a motivator. I drink more water, I eat better, I take the 5 minutes to pack a lunch, and amazingly enough my house ends up cleaner because I have more energy. But I know that doesn't work for everyone. Last Summer sometime I was posting a weekly "Sunday Shape-Up" just to keep myself accountable. I believe I will start that again - however a blocked blog was started at that time (I'm sure it shows in my profile). If anyone is interested in joining that, please let me know. We can be our own best friends and supporters or we can be our own enemies. I need best friends, I need other woman who understand the feelings that accompany the weight. While I don't want to turn GMarie into a weight management blog - I will post what I need to to take care of me. Two things that have stuck with my from my last go round with Weight Watchers - 1. You can't give from empty (if you are always taking care of everyone else, will you have any energy left to take care of you?) and 2. Be Good to You (which is a really a line from the Julia Roberts, Richard Gere movie who's name escapes me). So, please tell me - what one small step will you do for yourself to "Be Good to You Today?"


  1. That's a great question. I'm so busy being frustrated because I can't walk and do my yoga that I'm not doing ANYTHING to be good to my body. Sigh.

  2. I will NOT drink a gallon of vodka while dealing with the OSU office of admissions, and their inability to give me a straight answer on what transcripts they need, and do not need. Is that good? I might drink a HALF gallon, but not a whole one.....
    Now, if you will excuse me, i have a canipshun (sp?) fit to throw.

  3. I have just started WW again (yes, again). But I am not going to meetings this time, I am going it alone. I have started taking lunch to work, drinking more water, limited soda (only on weekends)and I am some form of working out every day. The money that I save each week, I will be saving to purchase a new vehicle. I don't know how long that will take, but it gives me something to look forward to.

  4. Sign me up...I like the idea of not making my regular blog the weight management one.

    Today I will drink more water than yesterday and I will go for a walk at lunch time.


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