February 29, 2008

Dirty Little Secret

At least that's what it feels like. Once again I have given up on myself. I'm finally starting to feel good again. I don't understand why it takes this long, but I just continue on.
Sometimes I feel like I'm climbing that mountain and I'm never going to reach the top.
This morning I attended a Weight Watchers meeting. The first since the beginning of January. My dirty little secret is that I have issues with food. When I'm stressed I eat - and not carrots! When I'm tired-I eat, when I'm hungry-I eat, when I'm sad-I eat -- do you see a pattern?
So this weekend I'm working on reminding myself that I'm worth it! That I deserve to take the time to take care of myself whether that's working out or cooking healthy meals. I cook most days of the week and I know that it's just as easy to cook healthy as it is to cook trash. Some days trash just tastes better.
So, I didn't want to spend this much time whining, but I wanted my friends to know that I'm making myself important in my life again and asking for your support on the next stage of this journey - getting back to goal.


  1. Blogfree JessicaSaturday, March 01, 2008

    Good for you, G...you ARE worth it!
    And imagine yourself standing on top of Mount Rainier.

  2. You better believe that you deserve it!! You are such a wonderfully kind and warm person - why would you treat yourself worse than you would treat anyone else? So, let's make today the first day of the best of your life!

  3. Of course you can have support! All you want!
    Go for it!!! You are worth it!
    And you know what... that's a mighty big dirty little secret club you're in. I know... I think I'm Vice-President of it.
    Food can appear to be so comforting, but it's a brief effect. And it can leave you feeling worse than before.
    Let's see... is there anything else that you can do when tired or down? Any simple action or activity that will feel like a treat? Because it's that treat feeling that makes the use of food "work". (I know you love sewing, but sewing when tired doesn't make a good substitute...)
    I like to read big colorful knitting and design books. It feels like a treat. It's easy on the brain (no history or technique books). It's inspiring.
    And I like to spin. It's minimal work, and no real tough thinking. It's meditative, and something I just don't get to do a lot of so it's kind of a treat...

  4. Call me one of the supportive ones too...but I need the support too so we can make an arrangement I suppose :)

    Take it one day at a time.

  5. Good for you! Maybe you can motivate me...

  6. You definitely deserve it. I need to get off my lazy self and join you.


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