March 30, 2008

Big Fun!!

If you have never had the opportunity to park yourself in a room with a group of women of various ages and sewing experience, lots of different machines, and more fabric than can be sewn in a month - much less a weekend, you have to find a way to attend. Just sayin' I'll update Friday with picture once I'm not feeling too lazy to change Lou (the dumb, dumb, dummy). So Saturday morning dawned far to early after being up far too late. There was some serious laughter going on, along with sewing, we made up an entire new set of 7 dwarfs (but that's a story for another day and I'm afraid it's not funny if you weren't there). First thing I did was to finish the Swing Bag, then I pulled out a gallon sized baggie with the fabric for the skirt cut, the lining cut, appropriate thread and the cut top. I had messaged Saralyn over on ravelry and she said there wasn't as much room at this retreat location and to come prepared. I took that as prepared - and planned, cut and bagged too many project. This first one is a crazy fun skirt from that Simplicity pattern. I did line it. It takes about 3 hours to sew - start to finish. After that I made a little Santa Monica Tee from Textile Studio Patterns. I love this little tee, and am not sure why I don't have more of them. It's quick, easy and flattering. That's all I got done on Saturday! Sunday was a short day. First up - a simple tee-shirt from some polka dot fabric that has been around for a long time, so long in fact that it has a little 'stain' from being in the cupboard. If it doesn't wash out - then I'll attempt to tee die the shirt. It's cute and took no time at all once I decided to use the serger as the serger was intended.
My last project of the weekend was another skirt from the same Simplicity pattern. Again lined. This time I made some straight grain binding and sewed it to the hem of the skirt. Just for a little added - whatever!
Another cute cotton print - this time it's covered in daisies. I have white tee shirts in the wardrobe already and a couple of pink ones cut, along with a yellow one.
So - watch for more matching tops in the coming days!


  1. Love 'em all. The colors are just lovely. I still think I need to learn to sew one day...

  2. What a fun time and how exciting to have all those fun new items to wear! I can hear the enthusiasm in your post. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  3. Wow, you are prolific! What nice things and colors. Go you!!!


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