March 7, 2008

Show & Tell

So here's the final version of Simplicity 5914. This skirt was so easy to make and easy to wear. I didn't wrinkle too badly, although it wanted to hold onto the fold from laying it on the shelve in the closet. And no, I didn't wear it with the keds. I wore heels, but for some reason although I can walk in them, I can't drive in heels - just the particular pair I wore with this skirt. My plan had been to finish the cardigan and it would have looked great with the pink turtleneck (once I removed the belt and belt loops that it came with. However, one edge of both sleeves is really tight, so I took it to knitting on Wednesday for suggestions. The only thing is to start at the hem and sew it up stitch by stitch. For some reason one side of each sleeve selvage is really firm and the other is stretchy - making one side of the sleeve about 2" longer than the other. I'm not re-knitting them, so hopefully I can make the seaming work and not look wonky - I guess that's why we have steamers!


  1. G - it looks good on you! You are really making me think that I should revisit that pattern this summer! :)

  2. Love that skirt!! Cute sweater, too. Well done G.

  3. Very nice! You might actually help me want to learn to sew clothes again...I've never been very successful but I do have Chicago Sarah as a tutor locally. Hmm.


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